It’s great to meet you!

We’re all about friendly faces and warm welcomes! We love to meet our museum visitors and learn about them! We also make sure that our staff and volunteers alike are full of knowledge about the current and upcoming exhibitions. We strive to give our visitors the best experience and appreciate the feedback
we receive.


Without YOU, there is no US!

Your Family at Old School Square



Marusca Gatto

Director of Operations
She is a force of nature with the purest heart of gold! You can count on her for all your needs and makes sure everything is running smoothly and according to plan! Where would we be without her?


Melanie Johanson

Museum Curator
Fun and spunky with an eye for detail! Working day and night to curate our beautiful and unique exhibitions!

Cornell Museum - Flora - 3-29-2018-42.jpg

Emily Debevec

Marketing Assistant and Museum Assistant

The cutest, but the quietest, she’s the gal behind the screen working to get you the info you need!


Adriana Portobanco

Museum Assistant
At 4’9 she is a tiny bullet full of energy that just keeps going and going… and going! (Seriously she doesn’t know when to stop.)