The Cornell Art Museum celebrates springtime with its own garden of earthly delights. Named after the Roman goddess of nature and flowers, the group exhibition “Flora” showcases nearly 30 contemporary artists who whose work explores the verdant lives of plants and flowers. Their work fills all but one of the museum’s galleries, along with its central atrium and ceiling.

Artists participating include: 

Miya Ando, Diane Arrieta, Metis Atash, Mike Chearney, Terri Dilling, Chris Hartunian, Stephanie HirschDamien Hirst, John Holcomb, Shinduk Kang, Mira Lehr, Cheryl Maeder, Michelle Marra, Jet Martinez, Amanda McCavour, Carlos Rolon, Hayley Sheldon, Vicki Siegel, Hunt Slonem, Ora Sorensen, David SpillerDonald Sultan, Annie Terrazzo, Tiffanie Turner, Carin Wagner, Andy Warhol, Kenneth Webb, Stephen Wilson, Hung Yi