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Opening October 4, 2018: TECH EFFECT

The technology of yesterday, today and tomorrow continues to inspire artists worldwide. “Tech Effect,” running Oct. 4, 2018-Feb. 17, 2019 at the Cornell Art Museum, surveys artists reflecting on the way technology impacts our lives and their art, or vice versa.

Fascinating works include Augmented Reality, immersive gallery installations, and interactive artwork.

artwork by:

Henry Ballate

Walter Brown

Miguel Chevalier

Ellen de Meijer

Brian Dettmer

Daniel Fiorda

Antoine Geiger

Speedy Graphito

Camomile Hixon

Allison Kotzig

Matthew LaPenta

Alain Le Boucher

Taekyeom Lee

Melissa McCabe

John Messinger

William Montgomery

Pia Myrvold

Elizabeth Phelps

Jonathan Rosen

Constance Scopelitis

Carlton Scott Sturgill

Sara Zaher