Wonderful in-depth article about Cornell Art Museum Reopening and Looking Glass Exhibition Review

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"To paraphrase Barenaked Ladies, there are a lot of things you could do if you had a million dollars. Renovate a historic art museum in the heart of Delray Beach is one of them.

As inviting as it is dazzling, “Looking Glass” can be as stylish as a Fashion Week and as austere as a monastery, but it is never less than engrossing. Mediums range from aluminum and glass to photography and even some paint, sharing only their ability to reflect light—on the walls, on the floor, on objects behind the art, and on spectators themselves; the exhibit’s tagline is “Come See Your Self in the Art.”

Johanson selected 25 artists hailing from as nearby as Lake Worth and as far-flung as South Korea. Among the major figures are Olafur Eliasson, whose “Your Reversed Berlin Sphere,” which overlays an upside-down, mirrored Berlin cityscape atop a photograph, is full of intrigue and invention. There’s a roomful of Jeremy Penn, who spray-paints vintage erotic panels, cuts them into letters, and forms loaded words on mirrored backgrounds—“Indulge,” “Goddess,” “Paradise.” It’s a cool, rigorously consistent form of Pop art that by its textual nature conjures Ed Ruscha, but you kind of “get it” after two or three pieces.

"By the time I entered the upstairs “dark room” that contained the aforementioned Graeme Messer etchings, I knew I was in the presence of a show that could play PAMM, or perhaps even MoMa."

Melanie Johanson